Rapper Clayton James released a new single, “Keanu Reeves,” on Aug. 12. Much like his other works, James’ new song has a feel-good vibe with a funky beat.

James's fans will recognize his smooth vocals on the track. However, this song has a more comforting, laid back vibe. It’s the kind song that immediately gets added to the queue for a sunset drive.
[content-1] James Headen produced the beat for the track. His addition to the song takes it to a new level and adds an upbeat jazzy feel.

In addition to his new single, James is working on a new album. He will collaborate with Joseph-Caine Player, Alex Brauwer and Landon Carter in a new group called Late Night Memo. The group had its first day of recording this past week at the Lab, a production studio in Charleston.

Jame’s new single can be found on Soundcloud.