Congratulations to the Clemson Tigers. In honor of your ascension to the pinnacle of college football, the President of the United States has invited you to the White House to dine on the nation’s finest Big Macs and pizza.

No, but seriously, after seeming to/hoping he was/maybe/turns out not joking earlier in the day that he assumed Clemson’s players preferred fast food, President Donald Trump really did serve fast food at their White House visit on Monday evening.

On Twitter, White House reporters posted photos and videos of Trump congratulating the Tigers in front of a smorgasbord of fast food delicacies from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and what looks like Domino’s pizza.

In a ridiculous exchange with the press pool, Trump declined to say whether he preferred Wendy’s or McDonald’s, but said that his team had to resort to the fast food spread “because of the shutdown.” He then went on to make the case for Republican unity on border security funding.

Trump is paying for the “great American food” on his own dime, according to media reports.

The government has been shut down for nearly three weeks over funding for a Trump border wall, causing many federal employees to go without pay since before Christmas. Neither Republicans in the last Congress nor Democrats in the current Congress have appropriated money for Trump’s wall, which the president says is a dealbreaker for any potential budget deal.

Here are some more photos of the bounty:


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