[image-1]Club Pantheon celebrated the retirement of longtime owner John Clarkin Sunday evening, but things are not completely finished for the Ann Street institution. The club will now reopen under new ownership with a new name.

Emcee and show director at Dudley’s on Ann Patti O’Furniture has reassured fans that Pantheon is set to reopen as Cure Nightclub on Fri. April 1, under the same ownership as Dudley’s. So rest assured that there is still more fun to be had downtown. In addition to the usual weekend schedule, Cure is set to be open Wednesdays and Thursdays, offering live music every Thursday.

Sunday night’s farewell bash honored Clarkin’s more than 30 years in the business and the last evening that Pantheon would be open before changing hands.

“It was never closing down completely. It was always the plan to change it over if it was going to stop being Pantheon, it was going to be something else,” says the club’s general manager, Frederick Keasling.