In a new op-ed at, former Clinton man and current CNN contributor Paul Begala calls on Gov. Mark Sanford to refuse to accept any money from the stimulus bill. Sanford has been one of the most vocal critics of the bill, and he’s earned himself a whole helluva lot of time in the national spotlight for his one-note humbuggery. (He’s possibly eyeing a run at the presidency in 2012, you know.) Here’s a snippet:

“[Sanford’s] Palmetto State already gets $1.35 back from Washington for every dollar it pays in federal taxes, according to 2005 numbers, the latest calculated by the Tax Foundation, a nonprofit tax research group.

South Carolina is a ward of the federal government. It’s been on welfare for years. If Gov. Sanford is so all-fired opposed to federal spending, let’s start by cutting federal spending in South Carolina. Otherwise, he’s got about as much credibility on fiscal conservatism as A-Rod has on steroids.”