[image-1]By now, you’ve heard that Coastal Carolina University, the pride of Conway, won the College World Series national championship this afternoon. You’ve probably also heard someone call Coastal by their weird mascot, the Chanticleers. So, what the heck is a Chanticleer?

The CCU Chanticleer mascot is actually derived from Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and was adopted by the school when it was a local branch of USC. (Which also has a chicken as its mascot, get it?) Chaucer describes his Chanticleer in Middle English as a proud, cunning rooster who crows as reliably as a clock and outsmarts predators. A fitting origin story for a mascot.

The Chanticleer came to Conway in the 1960s, according to the school, when the then USC-Coastal Trojans wanted to find a mascot aligned closer with Columbia’s Gamecock. By the way, it’s pronounced SHON-ti-clear. Early versions of the mascot logo appeared almost identical to the familiar Gamecock. USC-Coastal Carolina became Coastal Carolina University in 1993, but the trademark teal Chanticleer has remained. Fun Fact: Coastal also has a teal artificial turf football field. Yep, teal.