Credit: CCF Facebook

Coastal Community Foundation of South Carolina (CCF), a nonprofit that provides targeted funding to local groups, awarded $685,000 to 37 Black-led or Black-serving nonprofits in the Charleston area through a Facebook-funded grant aimed at bolstering Black communities.

Black-led groups have historically been under-resourced, and direct assistance from philanthropic partners can start to remedy that kind of systemic discrimination, CCF said in a press release Tuesday.

“The Foundation recognizes that we can address historic disparities by making intentional changes in policy, practice, and investment throughout all the foundation’s work,” CCF president and CEO Darrin Goss said in a press release. “The Facebook grant opportunity allows us to invest in leaders and organizations that tend to be more effective in providing services and support within their own communities based on trust and cultural understanding.”

Facebook’s initiative seeks to support ongoing work in areas such as arts, culture, civil rights, social action, community improvement, education and more. About 73% of the funding supported Black-led organizations.

“Supporting Black leaders to do more of the good they’re already doing is a step forward, and we are grateful for corporate funders like Facebook who are investing in it,” Goss said in a press release. “We hope to see others regionally and nationally step in to do the same.”

CCF awarded $62,250 to organizations that work in arts, culture and humanities; $92,000 to groups that work in civil rights, social action and advocacy; $157,000 to groups that work in community improvement; $188500 to groups that work in education; and $185,250 to groups that work in human services.

Organizations receiving funds include Avery Research Center, Friends of the Charleston County Library, Fresh Future Farm, Lowcountry Youth Service, Teachers’ Supply Closet, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Lowcountry and more.

Grantees range in size, from groups with budgets as large as $2.8 million and as small as $17,000. For a full list of initiatives, nonprofits and advocacy groups that received funds through this program, view the fact sheet online.