My beef is … beef, or more specifically, the lack of local meats and produce available in the local economy. Current infrastructure tailored to large-scale producers presents an obstacle for small farmers trying to compete in the current market. Supporting sustainable agriculture benefits our community, environment, and economy. Part of the Coastal Conservation League’s (CCL) goal in 2011 is to boost our local food economy by aggregating, distributing, and marketing local meat and produce to grocery stores, retailers, schools, and institutions. But how is an organization like ours going to revolutionize local food distribution? CCL has purchased a warehouse to create a central market for produce and meat. The distribution center will be located just north of downtown and will locally distribute local produce and meat, removing the mystery from our food chain. We are working with farmers, coastal communities, nonprofits, elected officials, chefs, and retailers to ensure that local produce and meat become a larger part of our food economy across the Lowcountry. This local food distribution center is revolutionary and has the potential to catapult South Carolina to the forefront of the sustainable agriculture movement. In 2011, we need you to help make this center a success. Please visit to share your ideas.

Lisa Jones Turansk is Director of Sustainable Agriculture at the Coastal Conservation League