For twenty dollars, patrons got heaping piles of barbecue, picnic food, and two beers on Sunday night during the Cocktail Club’s first Block Party. Dim lights, a shadowy sky, and sweater weather hinted at fall as attendees relaxed on the lounge chairs on the club’s rooftop deck.

The Cocktail Club, which opened earlier this summer, hosted the event to shed its status as the hidden gem of Upper King. A swanky venue with a unique concept, bottles of booze line the exposed brick walls, craft beer is only served by the bottle, and some of the servers wear “personality packs” (a.k.a. fanny packs). The cozy setting inside, with leather sofas and large windows overlooking King Street, naturally leads back to the open rooftop area. The event attracted a diverse crowd, from older couples to college students.

Local songbird Julie Slonecki gave a mellow and charming acoustic performance, interacting with guests while singing original songs and covers. “If you give me a song topic, I’ll probably turn it into a horrible ’90s song,” Slonecki joked.

With its intimate vibe, the event was hardly your typical block party, but it was enjoyable just the same.