The Cocktail Club hosted a private event Thursday night to show off their new digs. After visiting the very-much-still-in-progress site just 10 days earlier, I’ll admit I was curious as to whether they could pull off an opening in such a short span of time. But I shouldn’t have worried — the place has been transformed into a cozy, elegant speakeasy-style bar.

After being greeted at the top of the stairs by a girl with a tray of head bartender Jasmine Beck’s specialty cocktails, I headed out the back door to check out the finished deck. It’s been outfitted with comfortable, modern furniture, and, as promised, lush herbs have been planted along the tops of the walls.

The interior boasts a more vintage vibe. Owner Steve Palmer furnished the space with antique furniture like leather couches and rustic side tables made from barrels and old liquor crates. Stylishly spare light fixtures give the space a cozy warmth, making it feel like the perfect getaway from the summer thunderstorm outside.

While Beck manned the bar and kept the drinks flowing, waitresses passed around trays of nibbles from Oak Steakhouse like chicken liver mousse bruschetta, miso braised pork belly skewers, and panini with steak, gruyere, and cremini mushrooms. The leather-bound menu, made up of about 90 percent drinks, leaves no doubt as to the focus of the bar, but Chef Jeremiah Bacon has created a small menu of simple dishes to accompany the cocktails.

Stop by today to check out the Cocktail Club for yourself — no membership required.