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CHARLESTON, S.C.-Charleston’s only independent radio station announces a fresh event to the Charleston culture scene. CofCRadio’s RED will be held February 7, 2008, at the newly renovated Music Farm in downtown Charleston.

RED will be a burlesque inspired night with themes of AIDS awareness, STD testing, and safer sex practices.

Attendees must dress to impress while sticking to the red theme. Charleston dance ensemble Meira Dance Troupe will perform a belly dance routine as attendees shake it to local DJ talent Sonar. The night will feature some of CofCRadio’s favorite sex inspired indie-tracks as well as a healthy mix of everything else dance worthy. RED will additionally feature a vaudeville and burlesque show to keep the audience thrilled.

CofCRadio and The Music Farm will also present an art show featuring local artists and their best works.

The event sponsor, as well as price and time for the 18+ night will be announced as RED approaches.

CofCRadio is the only independent radio station in Charleston, playing strictly non-top 40 songs 24 hours a day seven days a week. Run by student DJs, CofCRadio is the only place to hear music, news, and talk you won’t hear anywhere else. CofCRadio streams live from