When it comes to the proposed merger between the College of Charleston and the Medical University of South Carolina, we’ve already told you what the faculty think. (Spoiler: they’re against it.)

And you know what some local lawmakers think, as well. They’re the ones pushing for the merger, which would transform the small downtown liberal arts school into a research institution called the Charleston University George Street Campus.

Now, thanks to a poll CofC Student Government Association members are promoting on social media, there’s some indication of how students feel about the idea. Or at least the part about the name. Maybe.

Here’s the question from the poll: Are you in favor of changing the College of Charleston to Charleston University George Street Campus?

As of around 10:15 a.m., 92 percent of respondents said they were against it. That was 1,453 out of 1,587 votes cast. The numbers as of 1:45 p.m. were 81 percent against to 19 percent for. The online poll, created at PollCode, allows for commentary as well. But the language of it created confusion. 

“The poll question is a little misleading. Is this asking if people are in favor of a merger or if people like the new name?” one commenter  wrote. “Two completely different issues, one substantive (and more important) and one semantic. I am for the merger, but I do not like the name.”

It even confused us. An earlier version of this story posted briefly this morning stated that students were polled about the merger. You can view the poll results here for yourself. And, of course, comment about the wording. Or anything else.

As for other comments on the poll, here’s a sampling:

“This is ridiculous. The name is awful first of all, and it would change the liberal arts nature of the College of Charleston while also hindering MUSC,” reads one. “Child please,” reads another. Another comment simply reads “Tits.”