[image-1] If you’ve been flipping through the City Paper these past few weeks, you’ve likely seen our “Three Questions” series. Each issue, we publish presidential candidates’ responses to questions about issues facing local voters, from climate change to racial inequality.

And every week, CofC political science professors Jordan Ragusa and Gibbs Knotts analyze the candidates ahead of South Carolina’s Democratic presidential primary on Sat. Feb. 29. Ragusa and Knotts are the authors of First in the South: Why South Carolina’s Presidential Primary Matters.

Well, a week before the primary Ragusa and Knotts are sitting down in person to discuss the election and take questions. Join them on Sun. Feb. 23 at Itinerant Literate Books, 2-4 p.m. for a free chat. You can register ahead of time online.

You can expect Ragusa and Knotts to touch on topics they cover in the book including the big one: What does it take to win in South Carolina?

Former S.C. Gov. Jim Hodges has said this of First in the South: “Knotts and Ragusa provide a thorough look at how South Carolina became the focal point of presidential primary elections, and why it remains such a critical stop on the presidential primary map for both Democrats and Republicans.”