Gelateria Modica
Entrées $5-$10
Downtown. 41-A George St. 723-8868
Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
Gelateria Modica’s assortment of smooth, cool, delicious gelati in flavors like coffee and chocolate, the panini crammed full of fresh mozzarella, prosciutto, and peppers, and the convenient George Street location make it a summertime temptation that is difficult to resist.

Entrées $5-$10
Downtown. 78 N. Market St. 853-8270; Mt. Pleasant. 1028 Johnnie Dodds Blvd. 971-7437
Lunch and Dinner
Kaminsky’s serves some of the biggest pieces of cake we’ve ever seen, with the possible exception of Peninsula Grill’s coconut extravaganza. The coffee drinks are tasty too, and their locations attached to the T-Bonz locations on Market Street and in Mt. P make these little dessert spots good places to mingle as well.

Paolo’s Gelato Italiano
Entrées $5 and under
Downtown. 41 John St. 577-0099
Closed Monday
Paolo is a charming guy with classic Roman good looks and a great Italian accent. When he’s at this location of his gelato shop, a quick stop is a fun experience. Even when he’s not, the gelato is tasty, and the flavors range from approachable chocolate to exotic berry sorbets. The gelato shakes are as yummy as any milkshake should be, but not quite as heavy. There’s even a spot for your dog to get a drink of water outside — a fine European touch for 39 Rue de Jean’s next-door neighbor.