North Chuck’s reigning kings of face-melting sleeze-o-metal Coffin Syrup are wrapping up the recording sessions for their latest LP, The Unique Magic of Rigor Mortis, and growler-guitarist Big Gore dropped us a line to fill us in on the deadly dets. Most notably perhaps, the band has landed Badic Art’s Dedy, one of the death-metal world’s go to illustrators, to design the cover. And what he came up with is a work of gruesome beauty, that is if big-boobed, living dead nurses are your thing. (Bonus points if you wish Gandalf the Grey had come back from his battle with the Balrog as Gandalf the Evil Asshole.) “The songs are generally dark and filthy with perverse humor,” Big Gore says, adding the tunes deal with “black-metal bukkake, Earth’s human viral infection, ninja assassination tactics, culinary cannibalism, those special stains left by a freshly slammed clam, and an ode to the controversial shocker A Serbian Film.” All of which is just a way of saying that this is one record to keep away from the kiddies, but feel free to drop off a copy at your nearest Seacoast franchise. “We weren’t afraid to experiment and have a few bonus tracks, including one with a guest appearance from local rapper Fortune from Savage Souls,” The G Man says. “We hope the people that enjoy our style of brutal metal have as much fun listening to it as we have had creating it.” Coffin Syrup hopes to have the disc ready for a late-spring, early summer release.