“You gotta go to a bowling alley, because that’s where the people are.” That’s how little brother Stephen Colbert put it on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night when asked about the fundraiser he’s co-hosting at The Alley with his sister Elizabeth ‘Lulu’ Colbert Busch, who’s running as a Democratic candidate in the 1st District special election.

Mr. Colbert will join his sister at The Alley on Saturday as part of a series of events he’s hosting to help rally support her campaign. On Friday, Colbert and Colbert Busch will host a reception and $5,200-a-plate dinner at Upper West Side restaurant Boulud Sud before traveling to Charleston for a reception at The Alley followed by dinner at the home of Charleston lawyer Mark Tanenbaum on Sullivan’s Island. The general reception is open to the public… witha $250 donation of course.

Colbert Busch faces perennial candidate Ben Frasier in the March 19 Democratic primary, which will determine the party’s candidate for the May special election.