[embed-1] Late Show host Stephen Colbert is no stranger to mocking Donald Trump or to writing books. Trump’s recent visit to the comedian’s native South Carolina in the wake of Hurricane Florence and his weird preoccupation with wrecked boats gave Colbert and his staff the opportunity to combine both skills into one with the new book Whose Boat Is This Boat? Comments That Don’t Help in the Aftermath of a Hurricane.

The book, which was written by 45 himself (“accidentally,” according to the book jacket), is composed entirely of real quotes President Trump made during his visit to the Carolinas. One of the issues that President Trump seemed most bothered by was the number of wrecked boats, prompting him to go off with gems such as, “Is this your boat? Or … did it become your boat?” Or my personal favorite: “To see what we’re seeing — this boat, I don’t know what happened, but this boat just came here.”

With his background in political humor, Colbert has made bashing the president and his administration the centerpiece of his schtick as current captain of the Late Show. Colbert, who was raised in Charleston and attended Porter Gaud, said that all proceeds from the sale of the book would go to hurricane relief organizations like the Foundation for the Carolinas and One SC Fund.

For anyone interested in donating to one of the organizations, or for those who just want to see what the President has to say about our region’s poor seafaring vessels, Whose Boat is This Boat? can be preordered on Amazon. The book will be released to the public on Nov. 6.