Cole Collins recently gathered dancers Rebecca René Kelley (also the choreographer), Olivia Satcher, Crystal Conway, and Joshua VanderVeen for the filming of a video for his single, “For Ourselves.” Directed by friend and currently New York City-based Levi Adkins, “For Ourselves,” the video, was conceived by Collins himself.

“The concept/vision for the video was to tell a re-imagining of the myth of the sirens in Greek mythology, where people are seduced into their destruction, through movement rather than sound,” says Collins, who co-produced the video and recruited the “sirens” from Anderson University, where they all study dance or acting.

That’s also where the video was shot — all filmed by Micah Taylor with Electric Soul Productions, which is based out of Greenville. Makeup and costumes were done by Ashlyn Uribe and Jenni Baldwin.

Check out the video above or here on YouTube.