If you haven’t been to one of Awendaw Green’s Barn Jams, you’re missing out. And Sat. March 9 is a pretty good time to get your Aw Green cherry popped with the College of Charleston Barn Jam. Local musician Tyler Boone and Awendaw Green mastermind Eddie White will be bringing together a diverse group of CofC student musicians, from bluegrass fiends to funk meisters. Featured acts include The Lungs, The After English Estee Gabay, Headrush, Garey the Bear, and The Dunder Chiefs. Tickets are $5, and the best part is that all the proceeds go to a good cause, the Carolina Children’s Charity, which helps children with birth defects. “We’re big fans of all the bands, and we like to run benefits, so we’re excited to work with the Carolina Children’s Charity,” says headliner Boone. We’re excited for Boone-favorite Donnie Dies, a high-energy Umphrey’s McGee-esque jam band from, get this, Boone, N.C. The show starts at three and goes until nine. For more info, visi awendawgreen.com.