The results of Tuesday’s school board election have not been certified yet, but according to unofficial results posted on, it looks like the Rev. Chris Collins, Tom Ducker, John Barter, and Michael Miller made the cut. Former board chairman Chris Fraser, who ran unopposed for a two-year term on a West Ashley seat, will also likely be returning. The results won’t be certified until 10 a.m. tomorrow.

In the North Area, there were two open seats, and it looks like voters re-elected Collins by a wide margin, giving him nearly 44 percent of the votes in the three-candidate race. Ducker came in ahead of Mattese Miller Lecque by a relatively narrow margin for the other seat.

In West Ashley, the two seats will likely go to Barter and Miller, who each captured about a quarter of the votes in the five-way race. It’s worth noting that Ducker, Barter, and Miller are all members of the Ghostbusters, the fantasy dream-team of school board candidates that the City Paper endorsed last week. Collins did not get our vote of confidence, partly because he denied that the deeply dysfunctional school board was in any way dysfunctional.

For the single downtown seat, all of the candidates were write-ins, and the online results only indicate that 100 percent of the votes went to write-in candidates (obviously). We called the Charleston County Board of Elections and Voter Registration, and a representative said she didn’t have any more information than we did. We’ll learn the results of that race tomorrow at 10 a.m.

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