The Nickelodeon, Columbia’s arthouse theatre, is hosting a Pride film festival this weekend. Here’s the films:

Wild Tigers I Have Known: An ethereal exploration of adolescent longing. Cam Archer’s storytelling is unconventional, fresh and overflowing with the kind of heart that is touching and familiar to anyone who remembers junior high as a time of painful desire, confusion, and questioning.

The Favor (El Favor): A comedy from Argentina. Mora and Roberta are two girls living together, and they want to conceive a child. With no scruples and hesitation, they work out a plan: Roberta has to have sex with Felipe, Mora’s brother. However, Felipe is not aware his sister lives with a woman. The screwball comedy is packed with twists and turns.

Camp Out: Can you be gay and Christian at the same time? Winner of several awards, Camp Out is a feature documentary film that follows 10 Midwestern teenagers as they attend the first overnight Bible Camp for gay Christian youths. For these six boys and four girls, it’s just as hard to come out as Christian as it is to come out as gay.

I Wanna Be a Republican: Those poor Republicans! Haven’t they suffered enough? Bush’s poll numbers at the freezing mark, Tom Delay defunct, looming scandals, failed efforts to criminalize the gays and now this: men, dressed as women, doing sing-song spoof of Republicanism in a concert film like you’ve never seen before. Four “proper” ladies are holding a Republican fundraiser. With a rumored appearance by W., the ladies are in high spirits. Singing songs and swapping stories, the gals seek to explain just why the Republicans are so darn nifty and offer some compelling reasons to come out as Republican.