[image-1] I drank blue wine last night. No, I was not at a frat party. I was actually at respectable French spot, NICO. The Coleman Boulevard restaurant, with owner and Chef Nico Romo at the helm, just celebrated a year of Scotch oysters, fire roasted fish (my order, if you’re wondering), and pommes frites. And now, Romo’s ready to leap into the future with the promise of le vin bleu.

Blue wine, specifically Pasion Blue, which we sampled at NICO, is produced in Spain and has been gaining popularity in France over the past few years. The wine, despite its neon blue appearance, is totally natural, with no added sugar. Romo compares the drinkability of the wine with rosé, and hopes to draw crowds with the chilled vino in the warmer months.

[image-2] From the Chardonnay grape variety, Pasion Blue wine gets its color by a process of natural treatment with anthocyanins, a flavonoid found naturally in food. Romo encouraged us to drink the wine with our eyes closed; the blue color can be, well, off-putting. The taste, though, ain’t bad. A little sweet and a little tart this wine would go well with seafood or a fresh pasta dish.

While the wine is not currently available for purchase in the United States, Romo hopes to offer it at NICO starting sometime in the next year.