With a name that’s as much an invitation as it is an imploring command, Come on Go with Us could be seen as a study in contrasts. Certainly, the Mississippi-based Southern rock quintet brandish a charming, earthy style — and songs that are equal parts sunny and sad. But there’s nothing scatter-shot about the band’s proclivity for mixing its myriad influences, from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Band of Horses. Listen closely. There’s also more than a passing hint of Neil Young and Fleet Foxes, too.

In reality, this blending of past and present is what gives COGWU the edge over emerging bands of similar ilk. Born and raised boot-deep in and around the South, the men were obviously keen students of their rock ‘n’ roll predecessors. They make some of the best new music you may have never heard before.

Part of COGWU’s polish can be attributed to the fact that three of the five members — Chris Hurt, Dustin Hedrick, and Chase McGill — have played together since they were 15. Jacob Simpson and Taylor Mills were recruited separately. According to Hurt, the guys are finally starting to see all of their hard work pay off.

“We’ve seen a wide range of age groups, as well as equal numbers in gender, attend our shows,” Hurt says. “It appears we’re succeeding.”

Success might not look the same to every band, but the group’s modest goals are evidence of their willingness to work hard. They’ve spent much of the last year on the road, which, for a struggling band, offers up its own unique challenges, some fun and others frustrating.

“I sometimes take things on the business end personally,” Hurt admits. “You show up to a venue and your flyers aren’t hung or someone at a newspaper won’t e-mail you back. But at the end of the day, we’re doing what we love.”