[embed-3]For most folks outside South Carolina, “USC” will usually mean of Southern California. Even in football circles, USC usually refers to that school in Los Angeles that’s won a few* football national championships.

It’s really too bad, they even have usc.edu and @usc. (For more background, check Free Times Editor Eva Moore’s Twitter convo about it this morning.)

To combat that confusion, the folks at the large state school in Columbia have devised a solution. But perhaps unintentionally, they may have touched off another round of “wait, what?s” related to a school closer to home.

Today, University of South Carolina rolled out a new round of logos that refer to the school as “U of SC.” Those marks include the school’s three white initials in serif letters in a sea of maroon (they call it garnet up there) with an italicized “of” stuck in the middle. Say it with me: “U of SC.”

Careful, though. Don’t get that confused with the other large state school in Charleston whose shortened name is a slightly less clunky, “C of C.” Oh, their colors are also maroon.

[image-2]Now, we’ll see if the new U of SC logo sticks. Will people refer to the school as “U of SC” in conversation? How will the cheers change at school sporting events? What about football uniforms? Does any of this really matter?

In any case, the College of Charleston has weighed in with a delightfully petty “#wediditfirst” hashtag, calling themselves “the original ‘of.'”[embed-2]