[image-1]I camped out at the Charleston Ballet Theatre last night for night two of the Charleston Comedy Festival. Both acts — This Is Chucktown and Doppelganger — are year-round Theatre 99 regulars, so if you missed Thursday night’s shows, you’ll have plenty more chances to see them throughout the year. Theatre 99 tends to specialize in improv comedy, and This Is Chucktown is one of their few regular sketch shows. The show continues to evolve, so even if you’ve seen it before, you should see it again. Foxhole Fung Shui (left) opened things up with a random variety of short skits ranging from some street-talkin’ Native Americans to a spot-on Man Versus Wild parody. After that, an assortment of local comedians took the stage, including one of the recently-crowned funniest dudes in Charleston Tim Hoecke, who played half of a homo-erotic fishing duo. It’s definitely one of my favorite shows I’ve seen come out of Theatre 99.

[image-2]After working the bar between shows — which was a huge challenge to my math skills, by the way — I headed back into the theater to watch rock gods Doppelganger. It’s not the first time I’ve seen this show, but you’ll never hear the same song twice because they make them up on the spot. Jason Cooper and Lee Lewis — a pharmacist and a shrink by day, respectively — sang songs like “Burnin’ Piss” (about trying to have a quiet moment with a lady only to have it ruined by finding a pool of David Lee Roth’s burnin’ piss) and “Just the Tip” (about getting to know someone beyond the surface … get your mind out of the gutter!)

The next two nights are the real test of strength. How many shows can I attend within this short period? How many Magic Hat beers can I drink and how late can I stay up? We shall see in my next post. —Erica Jackson

Pictures by Joshua Curry and Erica Jackson.