[image-1]We Heart The Pushers

The second night of Comedy Fest was rocking. Shows sold out, artists arrived in town, and the Mellow Mushroom filled up. I spent the night gabbing with my new BFF — Tim Hoecke, the bi-funniest guy in Charleston. Fellow Comedy Fest producer Blair Barna spent the wee hours with his returning BFFs, The Pushers, a raucous comedy troupe from Virginia. Upon seeing Blair, one of the Pushers (we can’t keep their names straight) headed right for him: “I’ve been missing you every day for a year, man!” Don’t underestimate the bonding that takes place at the Mellow Mushroom afterparties. Plenty of Theatre 99ers were hanging out, including most of the troupes that had performed earlier in the night. Fest producer Greg Tavares made a post-midnight appearance. Unsurprisingly, Brandy Sullivan has yet to show up. She’s no amateur, every year she saves her strength for Friday and Saturday, ‘cause those are the nights when the Mellow gets stuffed with all of the out-of-town performers who really enjoy themselves in Charleston. Don’t let the cold stop you tonight. Get your ass out to some comedy shows and the afterparty. We’ll see you there. —Stephanie Barna [image-2]