Here’s some more clips from last night.

John Stoehr on God’s Pottery:

My favorites were the Life Lessons bits. They put on costumes to act out of scenes whose objectives were moral instruction. Topics ranged from intercourse, virginity, and friendships with “bad people.” The scenes and dialogue were similar to the kind of moral instruction I experienced in my Bible camp past, which is to say that they were entirely plausible and absolutely absurd.

Myles Hutto on Kenny Z and J. Reid:

Former Charlestonian Kenny Zimlinghaus had total control of the stage by the time I made my way to the bar in the back of the Music Farm. The show had just started. I sipped a Coors Light while I watched from a barstool. Kenny Z scored solid laughs throughout his set. Stories about his cat, “Steve” who likes to “butt drag” across the carpet and a shitty experience as a McDonald’s employee drew big laughs.

Though he’s accustomed to the bright lights of the Vegas Strip, Reid shines in his own right. His ability to shift seamlessly into different characters is a major talent and probably his strong suit. Though the audience turned his standup into improv at times, he rose to the occasion with impressions of people like Dr. Phil and Prince. He handled the stage with an unmistakable professionalism. I would not be surprised to see his name in lights very soon.

God’s Pottery:

Kenny Z:

J. Reid: