The festival is in full swing now and last night brought in reports of great shows all over town. I started out at Charleston Ballet Theater to see Hot Sauce and wasn’t disappointed. These guys have been at it for a while and it shows. A sketch at the end about a girl’s first period had those guys switching characters on the fly and going in all kinds of directions. I’ve got a short video below. You can catch them again tonight at 9:30.

The Pushers were next and I got my first glimpse at the revamped American Theater. It’s now a classy ballroom and The Pushers proceeded to transform it into a den of debauchery. Their skits ranged from Captain Kirk gettin’ down with some CofC girls to a funky clerk that sells cheese sandwiches and handjobs. See videos below. They perform again tonight at 9:30.

Hot Sauce

The Pushers