If you read the P&C’s editorial page, you may have noticed there’s more than a few people upset about the exit of “Shoe” and “B.C.” from the comic pages.

Morton Hankin says, “I am embarrassed to admit that if it were not for the cartoons, I would not be a subscriber.” That is sad Morton.

Iris Neal gives her critique of the replacements: “In my opinion, F Minus does not even deserve an F-minus. As for Luann, the strip has been preparing the same batch of cookies for the past two weeks, or more, with some of the most mundane chatter I have ever read and will not read again.”

And Ned Olmstead makes my case for me: “I hate to spend 41 cents to simply say: Return B.C. and Shoe to the comics section so we can have something to laugh at.”

I’m sure he mailed his letter on principle, but if Ned had a stable internet connection he could have saved his 41 cents by emailing the paper his complaint. But then, if he had the internet, he could have found today’s edition of Shoe and B.C. on the web.

At first, I thought these complainers were crazy … until I read the new cartoons. They are, in fact, terrible. But lets not call for returning to the old cartoons. Adding new cartoons is a good thing and keeps the comics page interesting — you just have to get the right cartoons. Boondocks and others would be much better replacements.