his is a message for those drivers who fly down Coming Street in the left lane, only to barge in front of pateitnyl waiting drivers in the right lane just before they’re trying to merge onto I-26 at the cross town…..You know who you are! There is a special place in HELL reserved for you. You may think youre pulling a fast one by doing what you’re doing, but what you ARE actually doing is causing the drivers in the right lane to fear for their safety, almost hit you, and almost rear end each other trying to avoid hitting YOU because you felt like you were more important & nosed your way into the “front” of the line. Do you people cut in front of a long line of people at the movie theater? or waiting for a table at a restaurant? No? Well, then why on earth would you try it in a thousand pound metal death machine? Probably b/c you feel anonymous in your vehicle. Well, you arent.
And that “jerk” that wouldnt let you over into the right lane the other day? That was probably me. So, you better hope it’s not me you’re trying to fly over in front of. Because, to use some good Southern slang, It AIN’T gonna happen.