As we get to the dog days here in Charleston, we’re looking ahead to those few weeks where you can actually sit outside at your brewery of choice and enjoy your favorite sips. So to give you something to work toward, we checked in with a few of our favorite hop houses on their newest releases and what they’ve got cooking for the coming weeks.

Cooper River Brewing Co. is digging into the archives to bring back their Black IPA. Three years after the original, which delivered a dark, but refreshing and hoppy brew, it’s coming back to the downtown taphouse.

Look for the CRB crew to also pull out some of their barrel aged pale ale and stout.

If you haven’t been to Tradesman‘s new digs on King Street Extension, here’s your excuse to test out their comfortable new indoor-outdoor tasting area — a far cry from their original James Island home. Co-owner Chris Winn is pumped about their newest concoction, Transmission Fluid. The American wheat beer starts with beets and ginger in the mash tun, and gets a “secondary ‘beeting'” during fermentation. What results is a light, refreshing, bright magenta beer that gives a little ginger on the nose and finish, with earthy flavors to balance.

Over the bridge in West Ashley, Frothy Beard Brewing Co. continues to pack out their Sam Rittenberg Boulevard tasting room. At their Beer Week event, billed as an intimate paired tasting experience harkening back to homebrew days, look for Sage of Blackberrius Saison, their (boozy) take on Cannonborough Beverage Co.’s Blackberry Sage soda. Also recently added to Frothy’s draftline was their first Milkshake IPA, a style growing in popularity that uses lactose along with sweet ingredients (usually) to finish with a bright, hazy beer. Frothy’s turn on the Milkshake, Zeus Juice, brings a strong 7.1% ABV, citrusy brew.

Frothy co-owner Michael Biondi says they’re also barreling some Zap Brannigan, a southern English style brown ale, aiming for a ‘Manhattan’ ale down the road. (Barrels + beer + time = Manhattan ale.)

Holy City Brewing is set to roll out its latest collaboration with local Americana-rock band the Artisanals. Their new Oktoberfest lager, dubbed Angel 40-Brew after the band’s “Angel 42,” will make its way to the Lot on James Island and Home Team BBQ downtown in the next few weeks. Of course, you can also find the medium amber, mid-level alcohol brew at HCB’s Dorchester Road brewery tasting room.