I think these speak for themselves:

This is not your father’s Republican party. These are thugs, plain and simple.

We have sunk to yet another new low. I see that his Democratic opponent, Rob Miller, has received over $50,000 in campaign donations since last evening’s outburst.

Must we again send W. T. Sherman to discipline South Carolina?

I am just cynical enough to believe that Rep Wilson knew just what he was doing and by putting him on the front page of the NY Times, he got just what he wanted.

Shame, shame, shame again, on South Carolina.

It is also hypocritical that some people were so critical of how Obama was going to set a bad example to their children when he spoke to all school children of America a few days back yet remain so quiet about Joe Wilson actions last night.

Our Congress is no place for racism, undignified conduct and the open mockery of a sitting President.

Wilson was probably self-projecting:)

I serve so that Representative Wilson can shout “You Lie” to the President of the United States. I just wish he hadn’t.

And where was Joe Wilson’s heat and pointed finger when President George W. Bush declared, “America does not torture.”? THEN was the time to cry, “You lie!”

The difficult thing to do is to apologize to the person one has insulted, in person.

Since when is “rare” a proper substitute for “unprecedented”? (Note that Democrats audibly booed Bush in the State of the Union address of 2005. gjs)

We must all mourn the passing of tar & feathering as a means of political protest.