What does it all mean!?!?


Esme Appleton plays a hand saw in Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. Mark Jaster plays a hand saw in Low Tide Hotel (he also plays a ukulele (see below), bass drum, concertina, snare drum, and gong).


One scene in Monkey: Journey to the West features the Spider Women, who are essentially sirens — they try to derail monkey’s quest just as they try to ensnare the hero of the Odyssey. The siren also plays a role in Low Tide Hotel, but to a lesser and funnier degree.


This miniature Hawaiian guitar is central to Taylor Mac’s performance art, to the hero of Vaud Rats (his name is Cecil DeUkulele), and to the sound effects of Low Tide Hotel.


The humanoid robot was a theme found in a show by Chicago improv group The Reckoning and in a show by sketch comedy duo I Live Next Door to Horses (that might be from each group sharing members).


La Cenerentola is based on the Cinderella story which is based on the oldest story about a foot fetish in human history. Geoff Nuttall, the new associate director of the Chamber Music Series and violinist of the St. Lawrence String Quartet, was sporting a fancy pair of kicks last week: paddock riding boots with two tones of leather that suggested he was wearing spats. Not quite a fetish but close enough.