Bite-Sized Boathouse
From Charleston to Asheville, The Boathouse: Tales and Recipes from a Southern Kitchen
Douglas Bostick and Jason Davidson
Jogglingboard Press

Charleston’s Boathouse restaurant, owned by the Crew Carolina restaurant group, has come out with a cookbook that includes “tales and recipes from a Southern kitchen.” This is not your typical cookbook. Filled with history and lore of food in the Lowcountry — and of the North Carolina mountains, where the Boathouse has a third location — this cookbook is a summer read that you can take out of the kitchen. Beautiful photography, courtesy of Stewart Young, will have you eating with your eyes before you dive in to test the seasonally-organized recipes. It won’t lure you away from eating at their restaurants, but The Boathouse cookbook will get you out of the drive-thru and into your kitchen. —Elle Lien


Southern Specialty
Nathalie Dupree’s Shrimp and Grits Cookbook
Nathalie Dupree and Marion Sullivan
Wyrick and Company

Nathalie Dupree’s Shrimp and Grits cookbook, written with Marion Sullivan and photographed by Chris M. Rogers, celebrates everything stone-ground and seafood-fresh. The introduction gives a brief history of the Lowcountry dish, followed by an extremely helpful how-to for cooking both shrimp and grits. Local chefs have contributed their own personal shrimp and grits recipes, and with 80 recipes in all, you are sure to discover a variation that suits your palate. I recommend the cheese grits soufflé with shrimp sauce on pg. 70 — the little bit of mace in the soufflé is an authentic touch that makes these grits extra rich and delicious. The corn timbales on pg. 77 are also worth the effort, and a great way to use your summertime sweet corn. —EL