On January 21, 2010, with its ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the Supreme Court said that corporations are persons, entitled by the U.S. Constitution to buy elections and run our government. Human beings are people; corporations are legal fictions. The Supreme Court is misguided in principle, and wrong on the law.

The five GOP-appointed justices, who decided that corporations have the same freedom of speech as any citizen, shocked even the most cynical observers. Among other things, the decision unleashes corporate treasuries to fill the coffers of politicians who promise to do their bidding. Recent laws to restrict corporate and union campaign contributions were struck down by the decision, which in effect grants corporations “personhood.”

In making its dangerous and unwise decision, the Supreme Court instantly sparked a movement to amend the Constitution, limiting corporate power and denying corporations the rights of people. What makes this movement so auspicious in its inception is that it calls for something that is transcendently obvious: Corporations are not people! This is something that even angry white men and Kmart Republicans with a high school education can understand.

Among other things, a constitutional amendment would:

-Firmly establish that money is not speech, and that human beings, not corporations, are persons entitled to constitutional rights.

-Guarantee the right to vote and to participate, and to have our votes and participation count.

-Protect local communities, their economies, and democracies against illegitimate “preemption” actions by global, national, and state governments.

You can take action right now at http://www.movetoamend.org/. But help spread the word by promoting this idea here on change.org!

And after you’ve done this, entertain yourself with this press release from Murry Hill for Congress. This is what all politicians might look like in 10 years if we do not act now.

For Immediate Release
Monday, February 1, 2010

Designated Human Eric Hensal, 202-262-9152

Campaign Manager William Klein, 301-412-1768

Following “Enlightened Supreme Court Ruling,”
First “Corporate Person” Announces Run for Congress

Murray Hill Inc. for Congress Is Viral YouTube and Facebook Sensation:
“Corporations Are People Too!”

Following the recent Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission to allow unlimited corporate funding of federal campaigns, Murray Hill Inc. today announced it is running for U.S. Congress.

“Until now,” Murray Hill Inc. said in a statement, “corporate interests had to rely on campaign contributions and influence-peddling to achieve their goals in Washington. But thanks to an enlightened Supreme Court, now we can eliminate the middle-man and run for office ourselves.”

Murray Hill Inc. is believed to be the first “corporate person” to exercise its constitutional right to run for office.

“The strength of America,” Murray Hill Inc. said, “is in the boardrooms, country clubs and Lear jets of America’s great corporations. We’re saying to Wal-Mart, AIG and Pfizer, if not you, who? If not now, when?”

“It’s our democracy. We bought it, we paid for it, and we’re going to keep it.”

Murray Hill Inc., a diversifying corporation in the Washington, D.C. area, has long held an interest in politics and sees corporate candidacy as an “emerging new market.”

The campaign’s “designated human,” Eric Hensal, is helping the corporation conform to “antiquated, human only” procedures by signing the necessary voter registration and candidacy paperwork. Hensal is excited by this new opportunity: “We want to get in on the ground floor of the democracy market before the whole store is bought by China.” Murray Hill Inc. has filed its voter registration with the Board of Elections in Montgomery County, Md., and will run in the Republican primary in Maryland’s 8th Congressional District.

Campaign manager William Klein promises an aggressive, historic campaign that “puts people second” or “even third.” “The business of America is business, as we all know,” Klein said. “But now, it’s the business of democracy, too.” Klein plans to use social networking, automated robo-calls, “Astroturf” lobbying, and computer-generated avatars to get out the vote.

“Corporations are people too,” Murray Hill Inc. said, “with the same rights and privileges enjoyed by humans. The Supreme Court says so!”

“The courts have devoted endless attention to the rights of the “unborn,” Klein said, “but finally, they are recognizing the rights of the never born.” Added Hensal: “The Supreme Court has opened up the next frontier of civil rights.”

In just six days, the campaign’s first video has already attracted over 43,000 views on YouTube and signed up over 1,100 friends on Facebook. Designated Human Eric Hensal and Campaign Manager William Klein have appeared on local and national radio and TV programs.

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