[image-2]Earlier this week Seventeen magazine named Corrie Wang’s young adult book, The Takedown, one of the 20 best YA books of 2017. Our response? Duh! We loved Wang’s book, which we featured as our April 5 City Paper cover story.

The Takedown is a feminist-y portrayal of a badass high school senior, Kyla Cheng, whose life starts spiraling when an online video surfaces of her having sex with her English teacher. And, as the book’s description reads, “Plot twist: the girl in the video isn’t actually Kyla.” Say wha? You’ve gotta read the book to find out for yourself.

You can buy it online or at local bookstores, like Blue Bicycle. And hey, if you’re in Greenville, S.C. tonight, swing by M. Judson Booksellers for a book signing and talk at 7 p.m.