UPDATE: Gov. Nikki Haley still has not commented on rumors that she’s being considered for secretary of state, but after Scarborough’s tweet this afternoon, the Post and Courier reported that Lt. Gov. Henry McMaster confirmed both he and Haley are being considered for Trump administration posts. McMaster is also reportedly considering a run for governor in 2018, an election that will likely draw a number of other Republican candidates.


Most of the talk about South Carolinians who could get pulled into a Donald Trump administration has been about Lt. Gov. Henry McMaster, who supported Trump early and has served in state government for years. But what about someone different? Someone younger. Maybe with fewer years of political experience, but experience at higher levels than McMaster. What about Gov. Nikki Haley?

Well, that’s what MSNBC drive time talker Joe Scarborough says he’s heard… Morning Joe says Trump has been on the horn making conciliatory calls to try to secure some key administration posts. And Joe says Gov. Nikki Haley might, could be, maybe is, reportedly on that list.
[embed-2]Throughout the campaign, Haley had a few not-so-complimentary things to say about Trump, including equating the candidate’s more incendiary rhetoric to the Emanuel AME shooting. Then, yesterday, when the governor was asked about the prospect of the Republican-controlled Congress operating alongside a Republican president, Haley said, “I’m just giddy.” Less than 24 hours later, Haley has reportedly been floated by someone somewhere near the ears of Joe Scarborough to succeed John Kerry as the leader of the State Department and America’s top diplomat.

Regardless of whether she moves to Foggy Bottom, it’s clear that Haley’s star continues to brighten among the GOP ranks. Just today, Haley was reportedly elected vice chairman of the Republican Governors Association at the group’s meeting. Now, Haley has been rumored to be considering her own bid for president for years now, and talk about her intentions in 2020 started before ballots were even cast last week. Of course, a Trump re-elect bid would likely dampen those plans (right?), but who honestly knows anymore.

Scarborough’s mention of Haley is the first we’d seen of her being considered for a Trump administration post. Most speculation about the SoS has centered on former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former UN Ambassador John Bolton. Trump’s hiring approach has come under fire this week over some administartion officials, including Steve Bannon, the former Breitbart News chief who will reportedly be the Trump White House’s strategist.

We put in a word with Haley’s staff about the rumor, but they had not responded when this post was published.