The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) awarded $2.8 million to the Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments (BCDCOG). The money will go to a park-and-ride and multimodal transit hub on the upper peninsula.

The hub will provide parking and connections to the DASH and HOP routes. Daniel Brock, a BCDCOG regional strategist, said the grant will cover the entire construction cost for the hub. Brock also said the location of the transit center is in "perhaps the most strategically important location for mobility in the city.”

The Charleston region has promoted several systems over the last few years that could help the heavy traffic, lengthy commute times and sometimes hazardous roads. Locally, a pedestrian commuter bridge over the Ashley River, currently under construction, was lauded as a game-changer for the downtown and West Ashley regions.

In February, Friends of the Lowcountry Lowline presented a conceptual drawing of a two-mile tract through downtown that would make the peninsula more walkable, potentially taking cars off the road.
[content-1] BCDCOG hopes to have the Lowcountry Rapid Transit, a bus system running expected to move over 6,000 people a day, running by 2026. Lowcountry Rapid Transit expects to keep one-way trips from Summerville to downtown's hospital district under one hour long.