Photo by Ruta Smith

Best County Councilman
Kylon Middleton

Shocked and surprised. That’s how County Councilman Kylon Middleton described his reaction when he learned he had been voted Charleston’s Best County Councilman. But, we aren’t so much. 

With a powerful message promoting transparency, accountability and accessibility within local government, and a voting record to back it up (Middleton voted “No” every time a vote for an executive session was raised), Middleton is talking the talk, and walking the walk. 

“The people have a right to have access to the government,” he said simply. “The government should reflect the values of the community it serves, and I think people recognize that I’m at least responsive as it relates to that.”

Middleton said he doesn’t know about next year’s votes, but he knows what voters can look forward to. The budget is ballooning with federal money for pandemic relief, tools Middleton said council can use to bolster and strengthen neighborhood programs that suffered during the pandemic. Middleton said he has a lot of plans for ways county leadership can address climate change, as well as continue to support local communities’ efforts.