Leah Rhyne, a novelist and frequent Charleston City Paper contributor, has just marked the end of an era — she released the final book in her zombie trilogy, Jenna’s War: Undead America. Following the saga of Jenna Price, a hard-bitten woman who’s made it through the horrors of a zombie-filled New Orleans (Zombie Days, Campfire Nights, book one in the trilogy), and led a group of survivors to temporary safety in Nebraska (No Angels, books two). 

Now, Jenna’s going after a cure for the zombie virus, heading back East into the heart of the zombie menace, encountering undead and living monsters alike. “Over the course of two books, Jenna Price and her friends have tried to survive during the zombie apocalypse,” Rhyne says. “In this, their final story, they have to decide what’s left that’s worth fighting for, and how, exactly, do they want to live?”

Appropriately, the book released on Halloween. You can read more about the series and purchase an e-book version (and buy the other two books — who doesn’t want a zombie trilogy to take you through to Thanksgiving?) on Amazon.