Crab Claw, a new project headed up by Walker Trull and backed by friends from Brave Baby and SUSTO, dropped its third single last week on Bandcamp with the country parody, “Easy City Livin’.”

Johnny Delaware, keyboardist on Crab Claw’s piano-driven songs, says the project is like the “Weird Al of the millennium.” On “Easy City Livin’,” Trull doesn’t hold back when he sings, “Went to the Rec Room, herpes on my lip/ Thank you baby Jesus, it was only a zit.”

Crab Claw’s debut track “Carccassonne” is just as hilariously inappropriate, but rather than a Hank Williams Jr. kind of sound, the track pops with Vampire Weekend vibes. Meanwhile, “Riverboat Ron” is a Starship-like ode to Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera.

Produced by Wolfgang Zimmerman, Crab Claw will drop the full-length record on Sept. 26 at The Royal American.