Fans and friends of Crab Claw know about singer Walker Trull’s troubled history with his dad. In honor of Father’s Day, and in an odd tribute to his father who passed away last year, Trull released a video and new single, “Father’s Day.”

In typical Crab Claw fashion, he approaches some heart-breaking material with a smile by discussing his dad’s outrageous life and funeral.

“What’s a guy gotta do around here to write a sad song/ everything I say always seems to come out funny in my head/ What’s a guy gotta do around here to sing a sad song/ ‘cus daddy’s dead, my daddy’s dead,” he sings in the chorus.

The video hits its peak when Trull lights a motorcycle on fire with a Molotov cocktail, as dancers stomp behind it. Of course, the guitar solo starts right when it catches fire.

“I never liked the guy all that much,” he wrote on social media. “I think my biggest regret with our relationship is that I never got to kick his ass before he got too old and weak. I think maybe if I kicked his ass he would have talked to me from the heart.”
[content-1] Trull has mined his family and personal history for absurd stories before. On 2019’s Memories Arise, Crab Claw wrote about his mother and father, giving hints of his strange upbringing. “Father’s Day” was recorded just a few weeks after his father died, and was produced with Wolfgang Zimmerman and Christian Chidester.