Crab Claw released a new song, “Keyboard Warrior,” on Friday. The tune, according to songwriter Walker Trull, is a satire of cancel culture and social media entitlement.

The alt-country track, described by Trull as a “scathing review of how I see those people,” pokes fun at those who use social media to attack others. The first verse indicts those who participate in cancel culture as “a drain on society” and parodies virtue signaling.

Chidester (left) and Trull make up the satire-rock crew, Crab Claw | File photo

The second verse goes after a “chubby overgrown fratboy” who retweets the President all day. “Everything little thing that orange guy tweets encourages your bad personality,” Trull sings.

During the chorus, Trull belts about how he’ll prove how good of person he is. “I’m gonna show them how superior I am/ Baby I’m a keyboard warrior.”

Some will likely argue with the content, but you can’t argue with the production. “Keyboard Warrior” was recorded with Wolfgang Zimmerman, Christian Chidester and Johnny Delaware, and mastered by Jeremy Lubsey of Truphonic Studio.