[image-1]For Crab Claw’s Walker Trull, the future of Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera involves a life of professional hotdog-eating competitions — this is all meticulously demonstrated in the comedic video for “Riverboat Ron,” which the parody-rock project dropped today on Facebook.

Off the new album Pink Eye, “Riverboat Ron” features Trull as the retired coach who loves hotdogs more than his girlfriend. Plus John Kenney (the Royal American, Vagabond Union) is Trull’s hotdog-eating coach who himself unfortunately chokes on a wiener. 

“Riverboat Ron” was produced by local videographer Drew Gardner. Listen to Pink Eye here or watch the video for “Riverboat Ron” below.

You can also catch Crab Claw’s album-release show at the Royal American this Saturday with Little District, the High Divers, and Hermit’s Victory.