The live music schedule recently expanded at the downtown Crab Shack (205 East Bay St., 843-853-8600). Located just south of the Market at the corner of Cumberland and East Bay streets, the Crab Shack has a reputation as a bustling tavern and seafood eatery, but the venue’s current booking guy Anthony Ceccoli wants folks to check out some of the late-evening music on the weekends, too.

“We hope to put it on the map as a local dive bar by featuring happy hour all the time for food and bev,” he says.

The summer schedule also features the return of singer/guitarist Michael Martin, a Muncie, Indiana-based Americana/country songwriter who spent a lot of time in the Charleston scene in 2000s.

Cosponsored by Jägermeister and Red Bull, Martin will play every other Saturday at the Crab Shack from July 11 to August 29 (with a five dollar Jägerbomb special at the bar). July’s listings include sets from Kev Rowe, Jerry Cooper, and Jeff Houts (see City Paper‘s weekly Music Board for details).

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