The CSA craze is now complete. We’ve gotten used to paying a subscription fee and getting boxes of vegetables from local farmers, and now other producers are really getting creative with the idea. One guy drops off weekly shipments of oysters and clams, some cow farmers provide shares of beef, and now there’s a charcuterie CSA.

Craig Deihl, exec. chef over at Cypress, has launched Artisan Meat Share, an idea that surely warms the heart of meat lovers across the Lowcountry. He’s also launched a blog on which he discusses the genesis of the sausage-making over in the Cypress kitchen. “Two years ago I started fabricating whole pigs in the restaurant,” he writes. “It started out as a quest to teach myself and the staff how to properly use all of the animal. I remember getting that first pig and realized that everything was about to change.”

Since that game-changing moment, Deihl has become adept at making all sorts of cured meats from the whole pig, a bag of which showed up at the office a few weeks ago.

It was elegantly packed with beautiful slices of all sorts of products: Genoa, Lardo, Tuscan, Tessa, Bresaola, Sopressata, Milano, and Coppa. In addition to a couple of lard biscuits, the bag also contained a streaky lamb bacon and a fattening tub of pork butter. The mortadello, saved for last, was mind-blowing.

Deihl’s Artisan Meat Share launches next Monday and it costs $200 for the year with four pick-ups: November, March, June, and September. So, that’s $50 per shipment. If the bag I received is any indication, it’ll be worth every penny.

To reserve a share, call (843) 937-4012 ext. 265.