Two thumbs down to the City of Charleston for the way they handled notification of the Christmas parade. The Reindeer Run was the day before, but yet weeks before the run fliers were distributed to downtown businesses to make aware the inconveniences created that day and only a couple streets were being closed. The Christmas parade on the other hand, no one (to my knowledge nothing was ever mentioned to me) had any idea about until the roads were being blocked off. Furthermore, East Bay and Broad streets were not even used for the parade, but were still shut down. I work on East Bay, and trying to find parking anywhere near there, well, I would have had a better chance of hell freezing over. Instead, I was forced to park 20 minutes away from my work (which consequently made me an hour late, also obtaining a sinus cold on the walk there). I will not even get into the trouble I had to go through to find a ride back to my car since I don’t get off work till midnight and it is strongly advised for females not to walk alone downtown after dark. Congrats Charleston, you’ve added another notch on the belt for things ya’ll do shit-ass backwards.