New film company on Daniel Island

A group of filmmakers and businessmen have announced the creation of a new feature-film production company in the Charleston area.

The company, called Creative Forge Productions, is based on Daniel Island. It will focus on independent movies. It currently has a budget of about $7 million, with two projects under development.

One, called Warriors, is a commentary on Southern spirituality told by poor teenagers taking a joyride through Myrtle Beach.

The other is called The Purpose of Winter, a story about a woman’s struggle with her family’s history of mental illness.

The founders include Rob Gorman, a financial services professional with acting credits in Forever Young, The Accidental Tourist, and George Clooney’s forthcoming film, Leatherheads.

Doug Coupe is a Hollywood publicist and owner of Coupe Public Relations. Brad Jayne, a native of Charleston, is a producer and winner of the South Carolina Film Commission’s first funding grant. And Fred Baiz, a native of Charlotte, is a corporate manager.

Creative Forge believes Charleston can be a center of the film industry.

“Our community can use a project like this to establish itself as a major cultural apex, on par with markets like Wilmington and Austin when it comes to production,” Jayne said in a Feb. 5 press release.

Gorman added that the business model is as sound as the artistic vision.

“Our business philosophy is simple,” Gorman said in the same press release. “Quality films and original stories will find an audience, and, when made with efficient budgets and marketed intelligently, a profit.”

Terrace Film News

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