[image-1]It’s a blue moon today. You know what that means? Other than an obligatory cracking open of the beer of the same name, today marks two full moons in one month. How appropriate for Creative Mornings’ July theme of collaboration. It takes two, y’all.

[image-2]Architect David Thompson spoke about collaboration this morning at the space he designed, Indigo Road’s The Cedar Room. There, he emphasized the kinds of humbling steps creative minds need to take in order to work well with others. Thompson admits that he doesn’t always play nice, “I would have my own sandbox if I could,” he says. Thompson’s small company, David Thompson Architect, generally designs restaurant spaces, and he draws on the food and bev industry for collaboration inspiration. “The industry is full of headstrong people who need a unique identity but also a team,” says Thompson.
So, you wanna collaborate as well as Thompson and his team? Here are some of his pointers:

1) Successful collaboration = good conversation. Listen and give someone space to talk. Trust is the key to conversation.
2) Do not confuse collaboration with compromise. Compromise is the diluting of an idea, which is sometimes necessary, but not when you’re trying to impart a vision.
3) Be blunt up front when working with others. Transparency is key.
4) Middle ground is where collaboration happens (but remember that thing about compromise. It’s a fine line).

Thompson says that when it comes to designing and taking on projects, he has come to the conclusion to trust his gut. It’s what our moms have been telling us all along! He also says that when clients bring him Pinterest-ed ideas he accepts their vision as an idea generator. “You can’t Frankenstein together a bunch of disparate ideas,” he says. 

Creative Mornings isn’t just about its speakers. It’s about the community, too, and this morning CMCHS introduced a new aspect to each month’s event: 30 second pitches. If you have a group or an idea that you want to share with a lot of people (there were about 200 attendees this morning), sign up on CMCHS’ website beforehand. This morning Thetyka Robinson spewed some love about New Charleston, a group she created for the rapidly growing body of under 40-year-olds in the city. Check them out here.