This morning’s Creative Mornings Charleston (CMCHS), held in the beautiful space of Cannon Green, focused, first, on Charleston’s community. The Half and Half and Fuzzco came together to create a t-shirt with the letters CHS and two hands wrapping around, as if hugging. The shirts cost $20 and all proceeds will be donated to the Mother Emanuel AME church.

This morning Dr. Jeffrey Deal, of Water Missions International, spoke about Tru-D SmartUVC — an Ultraviolet Disinfection system that is used in hospitals around the country and helped eradicate Ebola in Liberia. Deal should know, he was there. “That’s my first ever selfie,” he admitted, pointing to an image of himself in a full HASMAT suit. 

[image-3] And these Tru-D devices? They’re the first ever devices to utilize UVC (not A or B, but C which is generally only found near the sun) to decontaminate hospital rooms. The ultraviolet rays kill any and all germs in a room — and yes, they’re harmful to humans. They’re smart, too, so if someone tries to open a door to a room where the device is, it immediately turns off.

Running at about $114,000 the robots are pricey — but a worthy investment.

To learn more about Tru-D check out their website. Reports should be published soon with stats regarding the robots’ effectiveness. Hint: Deal says it’s “notable.”