To the creepy baby huey looking mother f-er at trident technical college. You, beyond repair creep me the f out. You look like you have not bathed in about a month or so. You are in my history class & I refuse to talk to you and/or make eye contact. I don’t even want my friends to make eye contact with you. You remind me of someone that would be on a phedophile neighborhood watch list. Cut your hair, shave the nest/bush off your face, perhaps brush your teeth and than maybe you could make friends. I really do feel bad for you and I am not this mean usually, but you are a scary fuck. Also, please never wear hat that makes you look like a fucking nomad-viking to class. Save that shit for halloween or one of your geek conventions. AND don’t ever come behind me & “oh yeeeaaahhh….” in that creepy ass voice….